Visiting Family for the Weekend

I decided that another day of entertaining Jonah in the house while avoiding the heat was just too much.  This kiddo needed some interaction and I needed some rest.  So we headed to my parents house to have an over-nighter.

Jonah and his cousins played on the teeter-totter for the craziest amount of time… like an hour plus of up and down, up and down.  I gave up watching them after 10 mins and turned it over to whomever I could get.  I got to do just what I had hoped (rest) and spent some time oogling over my little niece and nephew.  So weird to think that I am going to have another one of those by the end of the year… oh dear… I really think that some people are just made for it.  For them it’s like “what’s one more?” Haha you know how many times I’ve heard that from mommy’s when I ask them if they can watch Jonah?  One more is one MORE. But hey, thank heaven’s for women who have it all together like that, right?

weekend visit with familyweekend visit with family weekend visit with family weekend visit with family weekend visit with family weekend visit with family weekend visit with family

You may notice that my kiddo is pantless.  Well, this wont be the first time you see my kiddo only half put together.  I figure, hey, I got his butt clean even with all that wiggling, that’s good enough for me.  I do get his pants on him at least once a day, so back off.

weekend visit with family weekend visit with family

I just thought that I’d share with you my son’s lovely morning glow and rocking hair-do.  This is my canvas that I have to work with.  Sometimes I doubt that an entire bottle of hair detangler or spray-on conditioner will do anything for those naps.  But with a little chasing, screaming, tackling, and speed combing (and who say’s this pregnant lady doesn’t get a daily workout?) I can get things under control… at least until his afternoon nap…

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