Beautiful Generations

_MG_7615blushHere are some of the photos from Lita and Abuelita’s visit a few weeks ago for Ezra’s blessing.   It was an incredible visit that I will never forget.  The memories that were made and the relationships that were bonded are priceless.  I love when we get to have family with us and my kiddos get to spend time with loved ones… even if our home is tiny.

I got to know Abuelita well and learned all about her family and life.  I never felt more connected to the world than when I was learning about the generations that preceded my husband.  I’d like to find that same kind of love for my own family history, but I admit that his intrigues me so much more.  When I’m around Abuelita I find myself wanting her to talk and talk and not stop talking about her life.  At one point, because I can be a little slow to understand everything she is saying when she is speaking quickly and with passion that I started to record her with my phone.  She didn’t realize it at first, but when she caught on she told me I should be recording the beautiful stories and not these silly insignificant stories.  But honestly, it’s those small details that make a history colorful and interesting.  It’s what keeps you coming back for more.  My husband has a beautiful family.

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Jonah loved sleeping with Abuelita.  She loved that he wanted to be with her so she insisted that she was fine having him climb on her… I wasn’t so sure… I also loved to see him love her so much, but I was nervous that he would accidentally (of course) hurt her.

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I laugh that there is a cd/dvd on Abuelita’s shoulder.  I’m sure that was Jonah’s doing – he was probably trying to get her to put a dvd on for him.  I don’t really know.  But it’s kinda funny that it’s just sitting there.

The Beautiful Generations The Beautiful GenerationsThe time came to send daddy on his way back to St. Paul.  It will be another couple of weeks before we see him.  I was actually a little relieved that J had fallen asleep on the drive there so he didn’t have to say goodbye.  Goodbyes aren’t always sad or devastating.  Sometimes goodbyes are followed by animated conversation about daddy on an airplane, then other times its followed by a stream of tears.  You never really know which way your kid is going to take it from one moment to the other.  Then there is Ezra… happy as always.  Oh how wonderful to have a baby made of fat and love.




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