Penilla family holiday highlights

So baby is here now, the holidays are over, and I am home all day long just relaxing.  So I guess it’s time to fill you in on the past month, starting here with the Penilla family holiday highlights.  While M’s family was here we had a lot of fun… though the young couples without the kids or a big pregger belly in tow definitely had a lot more fun.  They went night skiing and tubing, and all that wintery fun stuff people do here in Salt Lake City… well, when they weren’t sick in their hotel rooms at least.  Before everyone got sick, however, we did take the posse out to the lights at Temple Square – a Christmas tradition for most people here in Northern Utah.  Nothing like lights to bring in the crowds. (What is it about us humans and shiny things?)


At home while people recovered or we were all too freezing to go out, we entertained ourselves with movies (of course) and games, or really just ONE game, a favorite of Mahonrri’s… Doggy Doo, which is exactly as it sounds… a game about doggy doo doo.  I believe that it’s meant for kids ages 3-10?? Can’t remember, but I have no doubt that you get the idea.  That being said, everyone enjoyed an afternoon of catching the most poops on their shovel, (including my two year old, hmm.. imagine that)


Before New Years, we made it out to Willard Bay to see the lights displays and take a wagon ride.  Of course we froze are booties off, but with the help of hot cocoa and lots of blankets we survived.  J hardly noticed the cold at all, and if I hadn’t been obsessively covering him up he would have been completely content with freezing.  Obnoxious mom alert!  oh, and I tried deep fried Oreos for the first time ever… oh dear me I could have died happy.  Love.


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