Party On Son. You Are No Longer a Baby…


Yep, I know.  Me with a three year old?  Golly does time fly or what?  It doesn’t even seem possible, but this week it happened.  M came home and we threw a party together on the fly (starting to become a regular thing for us).  We weren’t sure if the weather was going to hold out for us – it even rained an hour before the party was to start, but someone was on our side… We had a barbecue and rented a bounce house, of course, and planned a few fun games like a bean bag toss, pin the mustache on Mario, and pop the balloon.  The latter was a highlight for me.  Jonah seemed to find the one balloon that simply would not pop.  His friend joined in to help and at one point Jonah was sitting on it and Ethan was on top of him pushing down to pop that stubborn thing.  This went on for a good 3 minutes or so.  I love the teamwork.  Actually considering this activity for a regular day…

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I don’t really like to go with themes for parties because I think it’s easy to get overly carried away on details that no one cares about (especially at this age) and is more for mom than the kids anyway.  But we did go colorful.  The cake was covered in mini m&m’s since they are Jonah’s favorite candy and, well, because they look so darn cute clustered together like that.

_MG_2072 _MG_2080 _MG_2088 _MG_2129

Then what is a must at every birthday party?  A pinata!  The party carried on a little later than intended, so it was dark when we got to the pinata and had to move the car and turn on the headlights just so we could find the candy that scattered all over the lawn.  For some reason Jonah’s shorts that he wears all the time were falling right off him all evening – must have been the underpants – and at some point, I stopped putting them back on him and let him just run around and have fun pant-less.  Who needs pants anyway??  Party On!


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