November at Home

We spent all of November at home when we returned from Alaska, enjoying our privacy and comfort of having our own place again.  We felt more at home than ever, and somehow our home seemed large even… We made it a point to visit family as much as possible and to be out enjoying the sun daily.

November at Home November at Home November at Home November at Home

Visiting family still consisted of long drives, but at this point j was a champ in the car – a good thing too, since this was only the beginning of the many long road trips he would be taking.

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We actually had two Thanksgivings – one with my parents and another with my sister and her family a few hours away.  Lot’s of yummy food, and none of the leftovers (this is actually what most people look forward to, I know, but I’d rather not have the stress of figuring out what to do with lbs and lbs of turkey… it’s exhausting and stressful especially for someone who’s not much of a cook).


I’ve always stayed home on Black Friday.  I never enjoyed going out and rubbing shoulders with all the crazy shoppers.  But M likes to go out – so we did.  Guitar Center how I loath you!  You are like crack to my hubby and our wallet (and HOUSE) aren’t big enough for you… Not to mention, every time we go M makes me test out the amps by playing the guitar/bass/ukulele while he turns them up and messes with the knobs…ug. This gal just ain’t the public performer type…


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