The Long Detour


I had it in my mind the entire drive there that I was driving through The Valley of Fire and Great Basin and that I had just somehow missed all the amazing stuff because maybe the highway cut along the outer edges or that maybe I was driving too late and it all passed me by in the darkness.   So when I started my drive home, I-15 was still being rerouted and sending us on a detour through west Utah and down through Nevada.  But this time I made it a point to watch for signs and turn offs.  I was certain that I was going to come upon beautiful formations or whatever else I had imagined this Valley of Fire to look like.  But nothing came.  No signs.  No large rocks.  Nothing.  So then I began to think that the valley I was driving through packed with cactuses as far as the eye could see was it.  I mean, I did see signs that cautioned about fires regularly… maybe that’s how it got it’s name?  haha oh to have google at your fingertips while out in the middle of nowhere.  I would have stopped holding my breathe.  Only now while researching did I find that its south of I-15 and wasn’t even remotely along my route.  Then there’s the Great Basin.  Yeah… did you know that the Great Basin actually encompasses the entire state of Nevada as well as chunks of surrounding states?  Well it’s kind of an important part of American geography actually, that all of us should know (oops) but I thought it was just a section of the drive and continually searched for signs.  Also, the highway was called “Great Basin Highway” which only added to my confusion.   Looks like I learned a thing or two and I guess it was nice thinking of my drive and the landscape as significant.


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