I’m a Translator Too

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Just some random pics and some things Jonah says that make me smile:

    • Look! He happy! –> He said after he got finished giving me a heart attack when he buried Ezra under what seemed like every pillow and blanket in the house and he saw that I was clearly unhappy with him.  He’s a smart kid.  He quickly pointed out that Ezra was just fine, and even happy – which he was, of course.  Good ol’ Ez.
    • Mmm chockit goud –> Usually stated after I catch him in the refrigerator pouring chocolate syrup down his throat.  But sometimes its when he comes into my room in the morning to wake me up, and his lips are lined with brown that he points to his mouth and says “mmm I like it chockit” then turns around and runs to get more before I catch up (one day he’ll figure out that once you tell mom of the trouble your finding, she’s only going to stop you from getting that second helping of it… shoulda just drank yourself silly before mom showed up and crashed the party.
    • Ew dats skusting poop in eh butt –> “Ew that’s disgusting” and the rest is referring to Ezra farting believe it or not.
    • ka wan Hemmy –> “come on Hemmy” Hemmy being me apparently (a mix of Heidi and mommy maybe? Dunno.  Occasionally it comes out “Hammy” and then its just personal…
    • ka wan I keel you –> “come on I ___  you” I’ve actually not figured this one out.  What he means is basically come with me because he always says it while dragging me by the hand to wherever he was and showing me something.  But I swear I hear “I kill you.”  It gets me every time!
    • Ew booger! Is nasty! as he thrusts his finger toward my eye hosting a large booger.
    • I wan fun  –> Oh don’t we all my son.  Don’t we all.
    • I wan dirtday cake –>  Some people would take the opportunity to correct their child.  Not me.  We called it his dirday and I even sang him happy dirtday.
    • Look is like crash crash crash lkjf aslkfj –> and that mess of words and sounds can go on and on and on.  Not sure what’s happening exactly in the story, but it seems incredibly intense.
    • fickis pwease –> “fix it please.”  This is said for anything that isn’t going how he’d like.
    • Look! He’s a stinky stinky nasty!
    • I howv ass cream? –> “can I have ice cream”

And there’s so much more. I’m not just a mom, I’m a translator.  I may not be in school or playin ball in the work force, but who says I’m not still refining new skills.  I’ve decided to try to write these things down as they come.  I find myself baffled by each tiny thing my kids are picking up.  When Jonah counted to 10 last week without stopping or struggling I wanted to cry.  Their little brains are so big!!!

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