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Like all great things, the weekend came to an end and it was time for M to start work and for J and I to find a real place for us to stay – because a dreary Days Inn with no kitchen simply wont cut it for long, even if it does come with breakfast. M worked just off the Richmond-San Rafael bridge which gave us quite a bit of flexibility on location (though it didn’t seem to help our search) and the cost of rent was really no different than the monthly cost of a hotel, so I thought it would be a cinch.  I really expected to find something right away, but Oh the demand for housing out there… everyone required a min of 6 months so when considering that we would inevitably break the contract, paying out a deposit as well as first and last months rent it felt more like we were throwing money at people than landing a nice place to stay.  Needless to say, we called Days Inn home for a little bit longer than planned.

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As much as I love hanging out in the hotel room sharing chewed up Christmas cookies with Jonah, a small room just isn’t as fun as you would imagine (note sarcasm) – and who comes to California just to sit around indoors anyway?  So we made full use of our time exploring the surrounding area.  There was a park near our hotel, so we would usually start our day there.  After we tired there we were off to the neighborhoods to look for a rental, then beaches, play zones, flea markets, Christmas shopping, and any other random thing we felt like doing.

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