Hats : Jonah

So I wanted to play with the new hats I picked up and certainly didn’t want to test them out on myself, so I took Jonah captive and put him in a basket in my front lawn… he sure is a good sport.  I asked him to put his hands on his cheeks and he gave me a lazy glare and all but said no.  But after a moment he moved his hands up under his chin and started smooshing his face until he finally relaxed his hands and simply gave in… hot damn I love this child.  I took oodles of pics, but didn’t want to overwhelm y’all with so many, but here are a few I like – the third one down is post sneeze. I got mid sneeze too with spit flying through the air, but I chose this one because it had a meditative look that made me smile.  Totally digging the straw hat.  Can’t wait to use it again in another shoot!

hats hats hats hats




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