Gelato. An After Birthday Treat

So the hubs came into town this weekend and we celebrated Jonah’s birthday – of which there are photos and a post on its way.  But after a full weekend, daddy left and we were all pooped when Jonah’s official birthday came around that we didn’t do much more than eat left over birthday cake and sing happy birthday.  I had planned on taking him out to the zoo or aquarium or anywhere really, but it just never happened.  So this morning we hit the park and played hard.  We intended to go play in the Canyons and/or splash pad at Liberty Park but learned that they turn the water off after Labor Day.  Lame.  So when our hope for cooling off in the heat got stunted I promised a cool reward elsewhere and took the boys up the street to Dolcetti Gelato on the corner of 9th and 9th.  Jonah got the chocolate chip and I got half mango half banana.  Ezra went ga-ga over the mango… no surprise there, and when he saw me drinking water he practically yanked it out of my hand to have some too.  Not so sure he was actually thirsty as much as he simply wanted what I was having.  I also had my first macaron today… I know, crazy!  Amazing btw.  I may be addicted to the nutella ones, but I don’t know for sure because I only got one bite before Jonah stole it away and ate it all gone while I finished giving Ezra water.  Yep, I’d say it was a great day.



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