Fun at Kangaroo Zoo

Fun at Kangaroo Zoo

While Lita and Abuelita were in town we hit a few bounce house playzones (because where do you go when you have an energetic two year old?  Well, a controlled environment is nice.  Safe and padded is also a comforting perk.  A place with plenty of other kids to play with, things to climb and jump on…).  Kangaroo Zoo was my favorite.  It’s located in North Salt Lake off of Redwood Rd.  It’s so much cleaner than any other I’ve seen.  The layout is not as open, so you do have to walk around more in order to keep track of your kids, but the bounce houses are immensely nicer and cleaner.  What I really love is that it is bright and cheery.  It just seems like all the indoor playzones like this are always in some sort of warehouse that have no natural light whatsoever, and then they have the most depressing and insufficient lighting imaginable.  So yeah, points for KZ.

I was excited to find some massage recliners at the far end.  I quickly brought Abuelita over to relax and hang out with Ezra, my super sleeper, while Lita and I took turns chasing Jonah around – and sneaking into the bounce houses with him (how are you going to say “no” to a sweet “con on, con on! peace mommy” especially when he would pull me by the arm or leg… plus, I never played on these when I was a kid, so I kinda wanted to even before he begged me.  And it’s not like we exceeded the 150 lb weight limit *ahem* between the two of us… totally cleared it – I mean, why would I lie about something like this… ? Yeah, no question about it.  Totally within the limit…)  So much fun.  Definitely going to hit this place up again on some heinously hot summer day this summer.

Fun at Kangaroo ZooFun at Kangaroo ZooFun at Kangaroo Zoo Fun at Kangaroo Zoo Fun at Kangaroo Zoo Fun at Kangaroo Zoo Fun at Kangaroo Zoo Fun at Kangaroo Zoo

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