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We took Jonah to his first concert this week, and no, it did not feature any puppets, disney/pixar characters, or grown men making spirit fingers in coordinated primary colored shirts.  Though, there was plenty of spirit in the fists raised to the air.  M has long awaited this time.  He would have been happy taking him to a tame Ferraby Lionheart show, but this… this was a moment that far exceeded happy – it was more of giddy joy.  A true proud moment for the former punk rocker.


J loves their music.  M and I actually intended to go just the two of us initially, but when we would listen to them J would dance and plead out “MORE!” and “AGAIN!” after a song ended and he would dance some more and completely lose himself in it.  The passion was there and we couldn’t see ourselves at their show without him.  The thing about their music is I swear every other song is an anthem.  It pulls you right in and gives you the sense of being okay – like life is good.  It makes you feel connected to something bigger, and it definitely makes you want to dance, let loose, and maybe even get a little riotous…

J has been needing a hair cut for a while now, and M has been hounding me about getting him a mohawk since forever really, so with the show coming up I thought there could be no better time.  We didn’t go full fledged – really its only a little longer than a “fauxhawk”, but boy can my baby rock it!!  The cutest little Spanish/Irish punk rocker anyone has ever seen… you know you can’t deny it.

_MG_3586 _MG_3615

So when we first arrived we traded off with him on our shoulders.  He seemed a little skiddish and overwhelmed so we held close to him and fed him M&M’s periodically… because chocolate always makes you feel good, right?  But only a few songs in and he asked to go to the potty.  I took him out and after standing on the toilet seat (because I’m not going to have him sit on it) and having him pee almost anywhere but in the toilet (i’m sorry Complex!  I tried to clean what I could!… we are still working on that aim…) the dancing lights on the floor out in the foyer caught our attention and he decided he had to chase and catch them.  I just sat back and let him run and soon you could see him connect the music and the moment.  His running and jumping quickly became more timed and intentional.  He had finally come into himself.  Comfortable with where we were and being energized with the music.   The people passing by were all tickled (haha I sound like my gramie using that word!) by the sight of him.  And you know, at a concert like this no one cares if they are getting bumped into, let alone by a sweet three year old throwing down!

_MG_3589 _MG_3622_MG_3614

We made it back into the auditorium and found ourselves a great spot in the back up on a small platform with only one way up and down where he could dance and move without the concern of him getting lost in the masses or accidentally stepped on.  He had the time of his life and it just may have been the most fun I have had at any concert as well.


A little after 1:00 AM.  Out cold.

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