Family Time

It’s been so nice to have the fam all back together again.  M got home just in time to come along to my prenatal appointment.  He got to help with measurements and recording, we listened to the heartbeat and then we had an ultrasound.  It was so much fun to see this little critter moving around inside my belly.  I was happy to be sharing this moment with the one I should be sharing it with.  It’s not always easy being on your own, ya know?  There’s no amount of Skyping, emailing, texting, or phone calls that can replace physical time together with your family.  I loved watching Mahonrri’s face light up as he watched the screen maybe even more than I enjoyed seeing my little baby.  He is such a wonderful man and father and I can’t imagine life without him.

We still kept the gender a secret.  Mahonrri thought that he saw a little penis at some point, but I didn’t see anything.  The ultra-stenographer was very supportive of our decision to keep it a surprise.   I’m glad that M is so supportive with all our birthing decisions.  We’ve never had a single argument concerning the natural birth path we’ve chosen.  I never had to pull his arm to agree to a midwife or a birth center, or even a home birth.  He never questioned or pushed for drugs or intervention.  He has never shown anything but absolute confidence in me and the natural birthing process.  I am one lucky lady!

So according to the babies measurements I am due a good 4 weeks later than we had calculated.  Apparently my belly measures as though I am further along than I am because I have a lot of extra amniotic fluid, not because the baby is further along.  Lovely.  I am just amazed that women’s bodies are supposed to just keep expanding.  I mean, my belly already feels as tight as it can get.  However, I do keep looking at my belly pics with J and though I feel I am as large as I was at breaking point with him, I’m not.  Not yet anyway…  All hail the woman’s body!


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