Easter Sunday

easter sunday easter sunday easter sunday easter sunday easter sunday

We went down to Nana and Papa’s on Easter Sunday.  Nana loves putting together baskets/gifts for everyone (I love that about you mom!), and of course no one is going to complain about getting something… the kids loved running around searching for eggs and the basket with their name on it.  This was the first Easter that Jonah actually had a clue what was going on – though, he was sniffing all the eggs he found… not sure what that was about.  Of course his stork (or is it a pelican?) had to be scary and quack like a possessed duck, because cats and mice are the only animals that are sweet and meow (yes, they both meow – oh, and he calls his mice rabbits – so the mice are rabbits that meow).  I love his world.  As for Ezra, he had no clue what was going on, but he smiled and played along anyway!

It didn’t take long for Jonah to get all hyped up on sugar and start to drive his parents (who me?) up the wall.  So when time-out stopped working, it was time to strap him in (though maybe we would have rather chosen ON) the car where he calmed right down.  We left just in time too, because the sky was beautiful on the drive home.

easter sunday easter sunday easter sunday

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