disturbing the peace you wretched things


The past two weeks, like I’ve mentioned before, Ezra has been teething.  The third one broke through a few days ago and number four is on its way.  That’s like one tooth every 3 days… not fun for anyone right now.  But the pain subsides of course, and we all get a chance to take a break.  I came in the room to find daddy and Ez gazing out the window at the rain.  It was such a still moment that called to be captured.

_MG_3489 _MG_3495

Don’t you love how sweet babies fingers look no matter what they are doing… like pulling daddy’s arm hairs.  You just think, “awe.”  Dad just thinks, “Damn it that hurts!!”  Pulling hair, earrings, even pinching the skin on your neck (or boob while nursing, ahem).  Tiny unassuming fingers capable of sooo much more than we suspect, all because they are cute, tiny, and chubby.

disturbing the peace

This peaceful moment took a turn quickly when Ezra discovered a dead fly sitting in the window sill.  Daddy held him and let him poke at it and explore until those tiny fingers with surprising dexterity and speed brought that fly right up into his mouth!!  We got this all on video btw which is a treasure I’ll always be grateful I have… I screamed and squealed at Mahonrri to get it out!!! Ew!! NO!!!!  Get it out!!  and so on and so forth.  But he couldn’t find it and just assumed that he had already swallowed it.  I was disgusted… and then I noticed that he was still playing with something in his mouth, so I reached in and searched.  Nothing.  Hmm, nothing?  Okay.  And just as we accepted that it was over… this happened:


The body of the fly slid right out of his mouth with some drool and hung there on his chin (Yes, the head was gone).  Gag.  Even when they are dead they go on disturbing the peace.

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