dance my little man


I found these pics from the weekend of the Drop Kick Murphy’s show  before he got his hair cut.  I love his wild hair… it was really quite a full weekend.  The top one is his sweaty mug after dancing wildly to DKM in the living room.  This was the moment that we decided he was most definitely coming with us.  I knew he would enjoy himself even more than either one of us and it seemed like a shame to waste that passion – especially when he is free to get in anyway.  I love to see this kid have fun.  Boy does he love to dance.


Taking advantage of what’s left of warm days, the whole fam headed to City Creek again to play in one of the few splash pads still running this time of year.  A fabulously hot day perfect for getting wet.  It’s amazing how heavy jeans can get when wet… we had to buy him a whole new outfit at Gymboree (strategically placed right across from the splash pad…) since we didn’t anticipate and prepare for our playtime to include water.   Their sale racks are actually pretty decent, I might add.


Just before getting his hair cut we headed to a new ice cream place nearby called SubZero.  It was a fun experience for the kids to watch the thick clouds creep over the counter top and down to their shoes as they sprayed the liquid nitrogen to make the ice cream.  Definitely makes getting ice cream a little more interesting.


And where is Ez in all this?  He’s around… he’s just busy getting stuck under chairs, beds, and anything tall enough to crawl under.  If his cries were words they would say “help! I’m stuck” and “ouch I bonked my head [again]” or “How did I get in here, this is not where I want to be anymore!”



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