Daddy’s Home!

Daddy came home yesterday.  We arranged for Jonah to go play with some friends for a couple of hours while we spent some much needed alone time together.  We knew that the second J saw his dad that there would be no letting him out of his sight for the rest of the week.  Finally though, I went and picked him up and brought him back.  Mahonrri dodged us and went out the back door then came around to the front and knocked.  J of course loves to open the door when we have visitors, so I let him do the honors.  It was a sweet reunion.

Daddy Comes Home Daddy Comes Home Daddy Comes Home Daddy Comes Home Daddy Comes Home Daddy Comes Home Daddy Comes Home

Just like we thought, he hasn’t let him out of his sight for a moment.  They watched Pingu together while Jonah fed him tiny grapes.  They read together and Jonah showed him all his toys.  They napped together – well Daddy napped and Jonah Jumped…  And any time M got up to get water, go to the restroom, or do basically anything, J was watching his every move and only steps behind him.

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