These are the rest of my pics from our trip down to Houston.  Family is so important to us, and aside from social media I am just so bad at communication.  So when we have the chance to go see family its always very exciting.  The older these kids get, the more fun it is to see them interact and actually build friendships and relationships with one another.  Jonah loves his cousins, and darn it, I do too!!  He talked about them and Lita for weeks after.  Hope we make it  back down there soon!

_MG_9738 _MG_9741cos _MG_9747cos _MG_9754 _MG_9764cos _MG_9768 _MG_9769 _MG_9774cos _MG_9776cos cousins_MG_9792 _MG_9798 _MG_9803 _MG_9805 _MG_9811 _MG_9832Despite what it looks like, that is not a hug.  It’s what happens when one kid tries to climb up the slide with another kid in the way…


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