More Baby Ezra Please

I just want to drink this baby in.  When I look at Jonah and how quickly he grew up, and now I see Ezra being so active and attentive I just know that this time is going to blast right before my eyes.  I am striving to make this time count.  So, an update: Ezra is now rolling around and finding his way to items on the ground that he really wants.  We introduced solids to him this week – so far he loves applesauce but hates bananas and rice.  This boy is also a huge fan of his big brother and watches everything he does (worrisome I must say).  He is just a happy happy boy with no shortage of smiles.

I have been posting from my archives so much lately that I recently noticed that I have been posting too few pics of my baby boy (Ug I can’t even put in words how much I love this boy!) In fact I’ve even been getting requests for more baby Ez, so here you are!! Things I love: mornings, bright sun pouring in through a window, [my] babies, naked babies, happy babies playing with their feet (goodness could there be a more perfect way to start the day?  I can’t believe that I get to start and end my day with such beautiful children!), fun cloth diapers and socks with rattles.

more baby please _MG_8993cos _MG_9009cos _MG_9023cos _MG_9047cos

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