August Break : In My Bag

I can never seem to plan just right when I fill a bag before jetting out the door.  I seem to either pack waaaay overboard or not nearly enough.  However, it’s the times I don’t pack enough that I need it the most…. of course.  I never really know what I’ll find, but  today it looks pretty basic.  (crumbs, used tissues, crumpled receipts, and loose change not included in picture)

Today’s Prompt: In my bag

in my bag

  • Extra diapers – one disposable and a one size fits all cloth diaper by Lotus Bumz
  • A large baggy of baby wipes
  • A plastic grocery bag (always grateful for this one)
  • Honest Co. Healing Balm (best stuff ever btw for rashes and dry irritated skin)
  • Two (never just one) toy cars
  • Honest Co. Sun Block (because all others – minus homemade – scares me)
  • Sunglasses (no brand thrift store find)
  • Wubba Nub pacifier (or in Ezra’s case, a chew toy)
  • An apple (for whomever decides they are hungry first)
  • In Tune DoTerra Essential Oil Focus Blend stick (um, my new love – this gives me an idea of another blog post – I must tell you more).  For both myself and my wild child.
  • Another toy for Ez


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