A Quiet Morning

You know, today was the first time in a long time that I was able to take a REAL shower in peace.  I’m talking not rushed because I hear a noise that makes me wonder what my toddler is getting into, or because he is hanging out in the bathroom with me flushing the toilet over and over again, or because he is pulling the shower curtain open all the way and getting water all over the floor and himself or simply trying to climb into the tub with me.  No, I didn’t have to shower with my foot up on the side of the tub pinning the shower curtain closed for a moment of privacy or take the shower head down to minimize the splattering of water.  Today I stood and just enjoyed standing in running water over my head.  I took the time and used a sugar scrub all over and even a deep conditioner that had to sit for a couple of minutes – yes, minutes.   This is all thanks to Pingu, our new morning visitor during shower time.  (if you are confused just Netflix ‘Pingu’ and you will see the cute little claymation character I’m talking about).   morning with toddlermorning with toddler

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