A Quality Post and Poop

I’ve been thinking that I am way over due on a real quality post… It would be nice to have something of substance to say – maybe take a stand on some important [or even frivolous] subject and then explain why and what and yaddy yaddy ya.  But then I sit down and begin to type and all that comes to mind is how I am actually finding time to sit down.  So do I now pull up google and begin to research references on some subject of interest?  I bet you would.  Do I start filing through blogs to see what others have had to say about it and take the time to comment and reach out with my own thoughts?  Gah…. I bet you do!  Oh you wonderful people always so stinking involved and focused.  How do you do it? (fyi small-dose.com shared this link with me on just this topic written by the amazing Wellness Mama – for bloggers).   No, not how, but why?  That is really what I ask myself before I dive into any of that.  Why?  I hope you get that I am not actually looking for an answer to this question… because anyone who is anyone knows that dragging your feet and grumbling about how little time you have and how you don’t feel up to it is a much more reasonable response to that silly question anyway.  Let’s not complicate things more than they need to be here.  Guess you’ll get that quality post another day.

quality post and poop

Life in real time (meaning happening right now, of course): Ezra has decided that he is no longer happy playing in his jumper thing and is making chewing motions with his mouth… must be hungry.  So I think I’ll give him booby since I only have 10 mins or so before I have to leave to pick up Jonah.  So with Ezra latched on and sitting on my lap (yeah, big boobs have their perks – not literally) and the laptop sitting on the arm of the couch I’m set to work sideways… until he decides he wants to play with my laptop (and nearly knocking it down) he’s excited and is twisting his body to play with it causing him to begin to slide down my knee… so I put my hand around his waste and slide him up snug to me again… [pause]

When I pulled my hand out I found it covered in yellow baby goop.  So I sat him up to look at his back…  Oh what fun.

The goop went straight up his back (like ALL the way) – this is one of those moments where no matter how many diapers you have changed in your lifetime you still feel at a loss.  What’s the game plan??  uh… what is the first plan of action? where do I set him?  How do I even get his clothes off without it getting all up in his hair and arms?  I’m supposed to leave any minute now… think fast!  Hose him down!  Yes!  Well, that would have been a great idea had I not left all the freshly sanitized bath toys scattered in the tub.  Changing pad?  Oh yeah, it’s in the diaper bag that I left in the car last night because I didn’t think it was a priority when we came home at 1:00 AM from the drive-in theater last night and had to drag two sleeping babies into the house… so finally – time to locate something to sacrifice to the yellow [slightly lumpy] slime.  BTW this is all happening with him being held out in the air under his arms far away from me.  I locate a rag I wiped the floor up with earlier and lay him strategically down and begin the process.  Hint: if you roll the shirt carefully into itself, you can actually clear the head without any poop smearing all over him (if you are lucky and he doesn’t wiggle too much that is).  And take a peek in the diaper first too: this may be one of those that you can change with them on their belly…. yep.  Not much to worry about in the front – there was no downward poop action – all up.  Just wipe off the poop that his elbow found, and the bit there on his knee and big toe, and voila!  He looks about as happy as I do to be rid of the mess.

Now it’s time to get out the door.  And yes, if you hadn’t guess already, since he was laying on my lap my thigh did get covered in poop.  So again, yes, I’m going out with poopy pants in case you were wondering.

quality post and poop

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