Yep, On the Road Again. This Time in the Sun.


M got out on a job in California this time around… Um, yes please.  So we were on the road again come December.  We had to leave almost immediately in order to get there in time.  The guy basically said that if he could be there for a class the following day to get a cert necessary for the job that the position was his.  So we packed up and headed out.  We had to drive all night to get to Martinez by 6 am (Friday).  J and I went and explored the area while we waited for the class to end – there is a fabulous waffle place in that city that serves peanut butter and banana waffles that make me drool just thinking about them; however, the place has changed since then.

M wouldn’t have to be at the job site until Monday so the weekend was ours!  Once M finished up we loaded in and headed down to my aunts house in San Jose to visit and stay the night.  The next morning we drove down towards the Santa Cruz area (our decidedly favorite part of CA) and let the day take us wherever it may…

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We drove and explored and ended up in Monterey.  The food was so so… would have been better had we chosen a more family friendly restaurant – nothing like stressing every moment about the noise level of your kid while you wait what seems like forever [when you have an active kid] for your food to come out (kids make you second guess all your decisions…).  The night crept up on us so quickly, we hadn’t even thought about sleep accommodations until it was already dark.  M fell in love with the area.  Just down the coast of Monterey is Pacific Grove – it was here that we decided we were just going to sleep in the mini van (a rental – with seats that fold down under the floor!) on the beach.  Talk about wow.  I heart the ocean.  We stopped at a home improvement store nearby and picked up a bucket and some garbage bags, then to a Tuesday Morning for a foam pad to sleep on and we set ourselves up a cozy bed and [yeah, I know… gross] a potty (but the lid sealed tight and then I didn’t have to worry about getting out of the van in the middle of the [cold and very dark] night to do my thang).  The cool moist air makes for perfect sleeping conditions, and the roar of the ocean calms and lulls you to another world.  These are the best parts of being on the road.


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