A Visit Home and Christmas Nativity.

Visit Home and Nativity

So going back to California… It’s Christmas time (then) and what better time to share our Christmas posts than in July! (yeah, feels a little strange to me too, but lets just go with it). This was Jonah’s 2nd Christmas and we were lucky enough to be in California out of the cold (apparently Utah experienced a record cold this particular year and I couldn’t have been more glad to be missing it).  But back home there were family parties going on that I didn’t want to miss out on and I couldn’t dream of missing out on seeing my gramie and big sis Amy from across the country.  Not to mention having Jonah see his cousins, meet Santa, frost cookies with Nana and dream in the colored lights of the giant Christmas tree in her family room (the very same one with most of the same ornaments that I grew up dreaming under).  So J and I loaded in for a roadtrip home – during which I would get a speeding ticket.  Yeah… but hey , J was crying and the next town was 10 miles away.  I naturally just wanted to get to a place where I could pull over and attend to him.  But wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I pulled over and the trooper came up to the window Jonah stopped crying (really it was a scream – lets tell it like it is Mae Mae).  Dear Jonah don’t you understand that you could have been my ticket out of that ticket?  Scream! That is exactly what you DO want to do when mommy is getting in trouble… make the police man feel very uncomfortable and bad for mommy. Heck, you are half responsible for getting me into the mess.  This is where you make it up to me kid.  Or not.

268287306cos As per tradition there would be a Nativity program put on by all the grand kids.  We tried to make Jonah a little shepherd in the Nativity but that scarf on his head was just not happenin for him.  I snapped a picture just before he pulled it off…


And then that didn’t last much longer… (goodness its tough being little)

322cos 330cos 332cos 342cos

Don’t the kids look so happy to be all dressed up?


As you can see Jonah never made it into the Nativity.  But lets not act surprised here -15 months old. Standing still.  Following instructions… yeah.  No.


Here comes Santa!


“I don’t care what’s in the paper Mom, I have a candy cane.  Nothing else matters.  Now let me go, I want to run around…”


“hey, I want what she has… I must come up with a plan to get it from her.” (and he did)


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