This Time Last Year

I thought it would be fun to look back at where we were this time last year.

This year on January 8th (not a significant day, just a day) we were still waiting for baby Ezra to get here.  we were looking for things to do to get our anxious buns up and out of the house and divert our attention (and spend Jonah’s energy).   Finally, we got blessed with a fresh new snow storm that blanketed the whole valley.  We didn’t waste any time.  We piled on our winter gear (even me!! by a miracle… I found a pair of snow pants that mami had left from Christmas and I was actually able to pull them up over my hips.  I simply left the zipper down for my belly to pop out of (a baffling sight if I do say so myself) and then wore one of M’s over sized coats.  yay!).

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In contrast:  Hubby was working in Richmond, CA and we were living in El Cerrito, CA (across the bay from San Francisco).  M took the day off to spend some quality family time together and January 8th, 2013 was spent at Muir Beach, just north of San Francisco (a 5-10 min drive from the Golden Gate Bridge).  We took Jonah down in his little wagon and let him enjoy the waves collect around him.  There’s little I love more than the fresh ocean air… I miss California (any time of the year, but especially during the winter).

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