The City at Night

Well we took on the city at night.  We thought we were going to find a Grizzly Bear show in Pioneer Park, but we were happy to find that it was actually Erykah Badu and we had just gotten our dates mixed up.  The crowds were coming in droves and swarming the city blocks – but that sounds about right when you consider who was performing and the fact that it was only $5.  We didn’t even want to attempt battling through the crowds inside the gates so instead opted to grab food at Bruge across the street and sit on the upper patio where the sound traveled perfectly and where we could still enjoy being around people without pushing through them.

We split the “shot-gun sandwich” and a vanilla waffle with fresh bananas and strawberries.   Really we only tried the waffle with bananas because Jonah polished off the strawberries before we had a chance to protest.  The sandwich was just lamb sausage, fries, and a spicy sauce all on a toasted baguette, but it was stunning.  Both of us were saying only hours before how much we hate lamb… well, correction: we usually hate lamb.  There were no complaints coming out of our mouths, only sauce dripping down our chins.

Jonah lost interest in the food quickly and only wanted to run around with the two other kiddos that were up on the patio.  He made himself right at home amid the group of adults and walked right into their circles of conversation as if he was the only reason to be joined in a circle in the first place.  I love to watch kids approach other kids.  That process of connecting and deciding whether they want to play with that particular kid or not – it’s different with every kid.  Jonah’s particular method is simple.  He looks them over, gives a sudden smile/laugh, usually squats down for a second in front of them, repeats the quick smile/laugh and then runs around.  If the kid is interested, they follow.  It’s so simple.  If only I could squat in front of an interesting looking person, laugh, run, come back and, boom, we are buddies…

So the weather was beautiful, the music was great, our bellies were happy, and the company was perfect.  Need I say more?

SLC at night SLC at night SLC at night SLC at nightSLC at night SLC at night SLC at nightSLC at night SLC at night SLC at night SLC at night


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  • Yoomz says:

    These pictures came out sooo well. You’ve got a natural knack! I love your storytelling abilities and can’t wait to see what adventures you go on next with that beautiful little boy of yours. Waiting with bated breath!!

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