Santa Monica Beach Boardwalk and My Three Favorite People

A year from today, on our way home from San Francisco – after the job that M was on had wrapped  up – we took the scenic Coastal Hwy down south (the drive itself is probably worth a post of its own, being some of the most beautiful sights you’ll see here in the US), stopped in Vegas, and then back up north to home just so we could call our road trip a mini vacation (if you’ve ever driven I-80 through NV you’d understand why that trip in no way can be manipulated to be any kind of vacation and why the extra time on the road was more a treat than anything).   Our final stop along the coast was Santa Monica.  After looking at miles and miles of sunny beach all morning (including dolphins that swam along with us!!) we were excited to stop and play at the SM beach boardwalk.

IMG_6110Santa Monica Beach BoardwalkSanta Monica Beach BoardwalkSanta Monica Beach BoardwalkSanta Monica Beach BoardwalkSanta Monica Beach Boardwalk IMG_5899 Santa Monica Beach Boardwalk Santa Monica Beach BoardwalkSanta Monica Beach BoardwalkIMG_5900 IMG_5909edit IMG_6024 IMG_6082 IMG_6102IMG_6121

Back in the car, after stripping J down from his wet and sand filled clothes, we all chowed down (mostly Jonah- his favorite food in the world) on fresh strawberries we purchased along the roadside (sorry southern CA, your strawberries simply have nothing on the ones up north).  Then we drove around, making our way through Venice, and into Culver City where we would meet up with my third favorite person in the world, Julie (well, at the time – now I have Ezra, so that makes her the fourth… sorry, looks like you just keep getting pushed down the line… ).  This post was actually chosen today because it happens to be a year from this day that my best friend ever finally met my little guy.  In my world (and I think in the world of most girls) this is a moment worthy of celebration!  Love you Julie!!! I’m so happy that we have had the chance to finally be spending more time together and that you can be a part of my growing family!

IMG_6153 IMG_6155

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  • J says:

    Beautiful pictures…Thank you for visiting me on your way back home, it was so good to see you all. I need to meet Ez before he gets that big!

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