Put the Pedal to the Metal Roadtrip: Part 1

A month ago to do this day I left on a cross country road trip out East to meet up with Mahonrri, who was working out in Delaware.  I decided to take our 81′ Chevy Citation because I planned on bringing enough stuff to live comfortably for 3 or so weeks once out there, and our little Hyundai Accent just cannot offer the space I needed.  But really, the REAL reason I chose the Citation was because I wanted to ride in style (oh the oogling eyes we met too).  No question about it, I made the right decision; however, the ride did not come without a few quirks.  Things such as:

  • the need to set the choke (you have to turn the car on just right)
  • the fact that you can stall out when idling if the air is on
  • the front seat is a bench seat, so the passenger has to sit as close or far from the dash as the driver does
  • AND there is no recline option for the seat… that’s right, just straight up.
  • our only music option was an 8-track player (which are hard to come by nowadays believe it or not, but we got a hold of some!!)
  • there is a belt under the dash that squeaks at all times, but you learn to drown it out
  • there is no light indicating that you are low on fuel, and I have no clue how far you can go in the red, so we had to avoid falling below 1/4 at all times.
  • you have to make sure you don’t over fill the gas tank, because there is no auto shutoff.  You just have to calculate the gallons.
  • and lastly, when you start getting up past 55mph the needle on the speedometer bounces around a lot and you aren’t sure exactly what speed you are going (which caused us to arrive behind schedule the first two days.  I think we drove at  65 mph the whole time we thought we were going 75 or 80.

As you can see, there was nothing big to worry about, but it was definitely a far cry from the conveniences of modern vehicles.  I also chose the best co-pilot ever!  Julie the Great.  This girl is the best darn road tripper I’ve ever traveled with.  I’m sure that a good part of it was facade, but she was energetic and enthusiastic the whole time, she was cool with pulling over any/every time I had to pee, and she never nagged!  Wow… don’t know if I’ll ever have such a luxury again.  She even took over the driving indefinitely by day two… which she totally didn’t have to do, but I loved her for it.  This made it easier for me to be available to attend to Jonah.  And look!  She’s almost a pro under the hood of a car too!  She did a great job at topping off our wiper fluid.  Hear me roar!!

Pedal to the metal roadtrip Pedal to the metal roadtrip

The first two days consisted basically of driving driving and more driving.  Not the most interesting.  We put the Pedal to the metal and that first day we left Utah, crossed Wyoming, and made it half way through Nebraska.  It was the longest day of them all.


Wyoming really gets into the cowboy theme (as you can see).  We stopped at McDonald’s to let Jonah run and play in the kid zone.  I didn’t bring my camera in with me here, but I wish I had.  Jonah had climbed to the highest point of this play tower and wouldn’t come down.  He also lost his boots (which I should have taken off before he got in, but forgot to do).  So having a large unforgiving belly keeping me from going in after him, Julie was summoned.  She chased him around inside these tubes and searched out his boots while I watched and giggled at the sight… (not the best support system, but hey).


We were all ready to hit the sack as soon as we hit Kearney.  I’m so glad we had nice beds waiting for us (shout-outs to Julie’s bf for finding us such great deals on hotels!!!).  Oh the stink that we were grateful to wash down the drains and shove into plastic bags…

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