Part 4: Valdez Alaska

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The City of Valdez, Alaska: Across the Prince Edward Sound bay is where M was working.  It’s a terminal for the Alaska Pipe Line.  Jonah and I would come out here and talk about daddy and take in the views.  Once you embrace the slow paced life here [and get a car], it really has a lot to offer.  When we were feeling gloomy or restless we just had to get out and look around at the majesty surrounding us on all sides to feel better again.  We experienced hot sunny days, warm rainy days, cold dreary days, frigid rainy days of continual downpour for days on end, and snow – all were beautiful.  However, we left before we could experience a REAL snow storm, but I’m not at all disappointed to have missed it.  I’ll just google some pics of a Valdez Alaska winter if I want to see what its like.

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We moved into town after the bear encounter and enjoyed a lot more space, privacy, and mobility.  This meant smaller, more frequent trips to the store (a good time filler) – on foot, I might add, and taking advantage of the activities they offer around town for moms with kids.  There was something to do every day of the week.   MWF was Mighty Mites at the Youth Center.  TTh was open swim at the high school pool.  Saturday was story and craft hour at the library.  Then on Sunday we attended church.  Living in town (with or without access to a car) and frequenting these events helped us to really get acquainted with the city and it’s residence.  Valdez also has a Civic Center with a “theater”, a museum at the community college, and I’m sure there’s plenty more to do that I don’t know of.  I hear that in the summer the moms put groups together to go hiking and boating and just exploring during the day, and in the winter they cross country ski, snow shoe and other such things all with babies in tow.  That actually would have been great to be able to go out in nature with a group of locals that weren’t pansies like me about the wildlife to help me loosen up so we could have gotten more out of our Alaska experience.

akcollageI initially thought that I’d put some kind of commentary about each photo above, but I’ll be honest, I’ve changed my mind and really don’t feel like it so just ignore the numbers.  In fact, I am just ready to get this post up so I can move on.  It’s now been a couple of weeks of no posts again and I am ready to just get my butt back on track.  There’s so much I want to share both past and present so I’m just going to move it along!



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  • Julie says:

    Awww, I am soooo happy you posted! Beautiful pictures of Alaska, love hearing about your day to day there and putting visual to your deacriptions of it over the phone.

    Your caption regarding the ADORABLE collage of Jonah, which I was dying over btw, made me lol in bed. I really missed your posts .. Really miss you! And can’t wait to get back to blogging and catching up with you next week.

    I’m in the same boat with having a bunch of backlog that I want to get up for posterity’s sake so I can focus on what’s current. Can’t wait to see what you cook up next.

    • Mae says:

      haha yeah i thought i would just be honest about it instead of putting it off any longer… i miss you too!!!! i feel stagnant without you. I cannot wait to see ALL! I mean, you really don’t understand just how bad… <3

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