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I know that a weekend getaway to Vegas is usually synonymous with shows, gambling, partying, and lights, but our trip was all about spending time with family.  In fact, other than a single drive down the Las Vegas Blvd we never even visited the strip at all.  We intentionally booked a hotel off the strip at Sam’s Town, a hotel that boasts family friendly.  And actually it was a really great place to stay and I wouldn’t mind staying there again.  I loved that the view from our hotel room was over a giant atrium and charming old town facades instead of a bustling city skyline.  It was a nice retreat from the dirty, teeming city of Las Vegas.

We did some shopping in Henderson, visited the Discover Children’s Museum, played at Kids Planet Indoor Playground, and even ate at question free kid friendly restaurants like IHOP and Chevy’s in order to avoid any extra stress, and ordered in New York style pizza from Gianna’s Pizza (which was amazing) and watched a movie together in our room.  We didn’t do anything extraordinary but we had an amazing time together with M.  Completely worth the long drive.  I like changing things up and experiencing the parts of Vegas off the strip that I was once familiar with when growing up there.  It’s changed so much I hardly know where I am going anymore.  The indoor playground was right across the street from a park I used to frequent with my besty and a half gallon of orange juice, yet I had almost forgotten about it entirely.  It all felt a little surreal at times.

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