Little Italy Cleveland

It’s nice to have a friend when you are on the road.  Exploring new places is always fun to do on your own – you go at your own pace, you go down any street, visit any place that sounds even remotely interesting to you.  It’s a lot more spontaneous – I love it.  But on the other hand, it’s really nice to have a local that can show you around.  You waste a lot less time trying to figure out the best places to park or eat, you get to see from a locals point of view the places that are worth while and exciting – basically you just simplify things.  When we ended up here in Cleveland I got lucky.  I found that I had an old friend that I served with in Vina del Mar, Chile living here.  Kelsey and I were besties immediately in Chile and we built the greatest memories together.  When we got home we lived in different states and found it hard to ever see one another, and since neither one of us have ever been really into the social media tech stuff we didn’t keep up with one another much.  However, you can always tell the people that are really your friends because you can run into them 5 years later and it’s just as comfortable as ever.  You laugh and chat and can just sit around and spend time together without any uncomfortable feelings of intruding, taking up too much time, whether you sound like an idiot when you talk, or if you look like you just rolled out of a dark hotel room at the crack of dawn (ahem).  Needless to say, I was so happy to have unexpectedly ended up in the Cleveland area.  She has the sweetest little family with a toddler who’s cheeks I could just eat up – of which you will see for yourself.

Kelsey took us down to the historic Little Italy Cleveland.  Its a small area, but it’s full of character.  There were a handful of shops that played Dean Martin – which, though charming, makes you wonder if you’d actually hear Dean Martin playing on the stoops of the average Italian home or business… Can you tell me?

Historic Little Italy Historic Little ItalyHistoric Little Italy

We joked about being a walking baby factory.  Kelsey with her toddler and her newborn, and me with my pregger belly and toddler… right?

Historic Little Italy Historic Little Italy Historic Little Italy Historic Little Italy Historic Little Italy Historic Little Italy Historic Little Italy Historic Little Italy

I knew that I couldn’t leave Little Italy without having a cannoli, and was told that Corbo’s had the best.  This being the first time I’d ever had a cannoli, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was not disappointed.  So good.  Along with the cannoli I purchased one each of a variety of items they had.  Of everything I tried (including the cannoli) the chocolate macaroon  was by far the best.  I am drooling just thinking about it right now… only regret is that I didn’t just buy a dozen of those and call it good.

Historic Little Italy Corbos Bakery Historic Little Italy Corbos Bakery

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  • Yoomz says:

    Ahhh, Cleveland looks charming. I am so happy you’re blogging again! Sounds like you had a great time with Kelsey….agreed, there really is nothing like experiencing a city with a local.

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