Downtown Cleveland

Wrapping things up here in Cleveland, I wanted to be sure to have seen as much as possible.  Because Kelsey lives near the University, I’ve spent most of my time discovering Cleveland Heights and University circle when in Cleveland itself.  Deciding to take on downtown Cleveland alone with Jonah on a frigid day is enough to make me drag me feet a little when searching out a place to start, but when I looked back and found that J was already asleep in his car seat I allowed myself to use that as an excuse to tour the city on wheels and call that good enough.  I chose the perfect day and time to do so – early Sunday afternoon.  It was beautiful outside (cold and overcast, but lovely nonetheless), and there were next to no cars on the roads so I was able to drive at 5 miles an hour if I so desired without any problems.  One downfall to auto tours is that you end up capturing buildings and streets with your camera all at similar angles.  It’s fairly obvious that I was shooting from the drivers seat out in the street for most of these pictures.  All in all this tour suited me perfectly.  I turned on nearly every street, drove down by the canal and back up the hill (without running out of breath – woot woot!), I didn’t freeze my tookus off (always wanted to use that word, but rarely think to do so – more of an older European woman thing to say), nor did I have to cart J around and constantly cover him up or wipe his boogers.  My initial impression of Cleveland wasn’t so good, if you remember, but I can now say that I will be leaving this area thinking back on it with fondness.Downtown Cleveland Downtown ClevelandDowntown Cleveland Downtown ClevelandDowntown Cleveland Downtown ClevelandDowntown Cleveland Downtown Cleveland Downtown Cleveland Downtown Cleveland Downtown ClevelandDowntown Cleveland Downtown Cleveland

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  • yoomz says:

    I am surprised at how pretty Cleveland is. I think I’ve always underestimated a lot of the lesser known cities in the middle but they have some great architecture. Love the pics!!

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