Country Roads, Take Me Home!

We are home!  I know, I know, it’s kinda lame that I didn’t post anything this whole last month.  But there were some good intentions in all that time, if anyone cares…  We have been on the road again.  Hubby working and J and I touring around… sometimes successfully finding exciting things to do, and other times just walking the aisles of superstores to pass the time.  However, this particular trip came with all sorts of adventures.  I have so much to share!

It started off with a cross country road trip, just Jonah, myself, and Julie – you’ve met her before in earlier posts.  That came with adventures of sorts all along the way, which included places like Chicago and Pittsburgh.  We also visited Philadelphia and the great NYC.  We stayed in wonderful 3.5-4 star hotels and then we stayed in some really awful holes in the wall.  I visited my sister in upstate again, and we took J Trick-or-Treating, and then we went to Cleveland where an old mission companion friend is living and we got to catch up on each others lives.

Be patient, I am getting all my ducks in a row right now.  I’m currently sitting at a table that is covered in 4 weeks worth of mail, partially unpacked bags from the car, and pizza hut pizza (our dinner, since we still haven’t hit the grocery store up yet).  I can’t wait to share with you all our last months adventures!


I bought this chalk/magnet board in Cleveland thinking it might come in handy, and boy did it.  He loved the chalk mostly, and it was a mess I didn’t have to worry about, plus I could store all his activity supplies inside.  Very handy.  I’m always on the lookout for activities to do in the car.


Road trips can get long when you forget to charge all your electronics and you have to share one cigarette lighter between a phone, a GPS, and a dvd player.  So when the DVD player died it was time to get creative.  After water coloring with Jonah, we took his painting and made a paper hat for him (which he tore up after wearing for 10 seconds… but he had fun doing it)


Making friends at the park during one of our rest stops on the long trip home.  This was after a very traumatic trip down the tall twisty slide only to find himself drenched in ice water that was waiting for him at the bottom of the slide.  When I say “ice” I mean literally he broke through a half inch thick layer of solid ice… I felt like a terrible mama not only for not having examined the slide first, but mostly because when I heard the shriek and came running (in terror, I might add) I shrilled back in laughter to see him standing hunched in the yellow tube drenched from head to toe trying to stay out of the water… I was relieved to see that he was just cold and wet and not hurt (and we had a car load of dry clothes to pick from in the car so aren’t I kind of justified in laughing?)


Sometimes on long road trips there’s just no place to get out and play.  So you make due even in remote areas of gas station parking lots with colorful pillars to run circles around…


Almost home!  Poor Wyoming never stands a chance at being loved.  I try to pretend it’s lovely and inspiring, but I mostly just curse it as I drive through it.  Everyone says that Nebraska and Kansas and other such places are boring to drive through, but I’ve driven those states, and so far nowhere (except maybe Arizona) can compete with Wyoming… The main reason I don’t like this state is also the one thing it does have going for it – that it’s only one state away from home!!  (a love by default)


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