Cornfields: Roadtrip part 2

Day 2 of our road trip started out great – mostly because our hotel included a free breakfast buffet… and I love breakfast foods.  But not wanting to take on another long driving day with a full gut (since I have so very little room to spare in there as it is), I took it easy.  Today we would finish Nebraska, take Iowa, and finish up in Illinois (Chicago baby!)  Wanting to save time for more exciting places, we wouldn’t be stopping in too many places today either.  Aside from fuel and potty breaks we only made one stop to pick up some fruit and makings for sandwiches.  It was in a small town that now I can’t remember the name of…  We stopped in their grocery store where Jonah drove his Lightning McQueen car up and down the isles, that is until Mommy’s radar went off…  You ever wonder how a human being can be the source of such stink?  Well unlucky for Julie, the bathrooms were an unwelcome place for a diaper change (or for anything short of an emergency), so to the car I hauled my child (football style out of fear of what I might squeeze out of him if held the wrong way..).  I changed his diaper gracefully and buckled him back in, at which time Julie came out of the store.  Upon reaching the car she nearly fell over as she began to dry-heave… oh dear dear friend, knowing my own history with bodily smells after Kimchi I simply can’t wait for you to experience your own kids diapers… haha (not to downplay J’s, because it was certainly foul).  You are a brave friend to take on this trip with my toddler!  So after a good 10 minutes of airing the car out, we were finally safe to move on.

Pedal to the metal roadtrip Pedal to the metal roadtrip

Near Milford, Nebraska (about exit 382) appeared out of nowhere this random T-Rex just off I-80.  I was pretty surprised at how real it looked (not that I’ve seen one in real life, so maybe I should say ‘life-like’?)  Kinda weird, but I gotta say, in a state of cornfields after cornfields (which I find beautiful and enjoyable btw) it’s nice to have something to strike your curiosity and break up the drive.


These painted silos were in Omaha.  I can’t help but feel that more industrial buildings should be full of color and art.

Pedal to the metal roadtrip Pedal to the metal roadtrip_MG_2132edit

Oh city lights how welcome you are!!  The first most exciting part of our journey is now in sight!


Only moments into the city and we were already surrounded by drama.  When I say drama, I mean dra-ma-tic.  In the short time we were in Chicago we had so many encounters with police cars and fire trucks making their way through the streets in the most dramatic way possible.  Officers hanging out of their windows flailing their arms and all of them making SO MUCH NOISE.  I know I know, that’s the point – they have to get people out of their way, right?  But I’ve seriously never seen/heard anything quite like Chicago style.  I’m fairly certain that they were just filming a movie one of those times too.

But anyway, J was loving the lights and because Google Maps couldn’t seem to give us directions fast enough and was taking us on strange detours around the city, we ditched the GPS and toured the city freely.  Chicago is a beautiful city. Night or day.


We stayed at the Double Tree downtown with a room that towered the city and where we slept in luxury and peace.  As I write this, it is really late at night and just remembering those beds is making me want to crawl into bed so desperately right now… so off I go.



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