Chunga’s Mexican Food Hits the Spot.

Julie is my dearest friend in the world.  You may here me say that more than once while reading my blog, but that is because it really can’t be said enough.  I hope that everyone is just as lucky to have at least one of those kinds of people in their life.  This visit was so easy on me.  This lady was always doing the chasing of my active toddler, strapping him in his car seat, tying his shoes, etc… all the things that a pregnant mama hates to do.  So, thanks lady!!

Chunga's Mexican Food Hits the Spot Chunga's Mexican Food Hits the Spot

We must push all the ‘buttons’ we must, we must.  Sometimes just to keep Jonah’s wiggles at bay in restaurants I will pick up a couple extra lids so he can spend some time pushing in the bubbles… it’s all in the little things..

Chunga's Mexican Food Hits the Spot

Yeah, I bring my kiddo out in public naps and all… If I always made sure his hair was presentable before heading out, I would never go anywhere.  He hates having his hair combed – heck, he hates having his head touched at all.  It’s called ‘priorities’ and battling him over eating is not one of mine.  Happy kiddo equals less stress, and isn’t that what everyone is going for each day?  Less is best.

Chunga's Mexican Food Hits the Spot

We went out to eat to a place near downtown on the west side of the tracks that serves the best tacos al pastor you’ve ever had (well in UT anyway), called Chunga’s.  Delicious.  After we ate and Julie spent some time chasing Jonah around the outdoor patio we drove around the once familiar city streets reminiscing and waiting for Jonah to crash.

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  • Yoomz says:

    I adore spending time with you and Jonah. Cannot think of a happier time in recent memory than spending the week with you two! And you should rest, let me do the lifting!

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