Chinatown meets Christmas

It was a leisurely day of opening gifts and munching on goodies.  It had decided to pour down on us all day long, so most of our plans got squashed.  After stopping in to visit family in San Jose it appeared that we would see a break in the downpour and so quickly decided to venture out to catch dinner in Chinatown.  I sorta chucked to myself over the idea of eating Chinese food for our Christmas feast because of all the movies that portray just that – though often as something that sad, lonely, or pathetic people did (hey, I’m just sayin… that’s what the movies portray yo).  So to Chinatown we go.

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I’m not sure how we ended up where we did…  but it was not good.  And when I say it was not good, I do not refer to the food (tho it certainly was not either) but to the conditions – things we didn’t notice right away but became more and more leery of.  Like the 6″ deep puddle of water coming out of the kitchen and surrounding the fish tank, and someone was constantly sloshing it off to the sides with a filthy mop – the sides being basically under our table!  Then the food… M wasn’t quite convinced that he was even eating chicken.  Honestly it was an experience and I will leave it at that, and were it not for the charming city streets and few shops open I may have called it a bust.  But who needs perfection for good memories, right?

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When I went home a few days before I made sure to bring back a box of decorations and our 5′ tree with me so that our room could feel festive even if there was no snow or coats or anything else of ours that give you that warm Christmas feeling.  Jonah loved the tree and we wrapped all the boring hotel art with wrapping paper and hung paper garland on the windows.  It didn’t fully convince you of a home away from home, but it sure helped.  I don’t have many photos of our room and Christmas morning, and what I do have turned out pretty bad, but these should give you an idea…

Chinatown meets Christmas Chinatown meets Christmas


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  • Julie says:

    It has been so fun seeing these parts of your life since I only got to hear about them on the phone. Thanks for sharing so much with us this month, I love it.

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