Children’s Museum of Cleveland

First thing I do when I get into a new town is look up their Children’s Museum.  Sometimes there aren’t any nearby, but luckily here in Cleveland they  had one – simply called The Children’s Museum of Cleveland.  This one isn’t associated with any other museum so if you have a membership in your own town, don’t expect any discounts here.  It means nothing.  It wasn’t nearly as nice or as big and elaborate as the others that I have been to, but it was a place for Jonah to run around freely, learn, and interact with other kids.  Jonah is an incredibly social kid.  In fact, I think that he actually scares off some kids because he is so ready to run and play with them and they seem to always want to play alone.  In a place where kids should be stepping out of their shells and letting loose, they stay closely tucked under their mommy or daddy’s wing.  Oh well… He has no problem playing alone either.  Just as long as he can go go go!

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Oh Jonah! You are so crazy I love your guts!!!


In an infant car seat they had in the back of a fake car… a place to learn about seat belts and car safety.  Surprising how excited a kid can get to sit in something they don’t normally…


Note the far arm.  They had rain jackets for the kids to wear while playing in the water, but I will tell you now, it was only one more layer of sopping wet clothing to take off.  I don’t know how these other kids walked away in clothing that was still wearable, but J was drenched down to his socks.  I had not planned for it either (I learned my lesson).  I had to drag him out to the car (he was devastated at the idea of having to leave already, so yes, I do mean drag), and search the car for anything at all to change him into… I ended up with a pair of dirty socks, torn pants I found tucked away in the trunk, an extra jacket that I just zipped up for his shirt and a pair of rain boots.  Not too shabby for coming so unprepared.


The last section of the museum that we went into was thankfully the toddler section.  Finally a place where a pregnant mama could sit down and not stress (I really should have found this room sooner).  J found these two ducks that he ran around with the entire time (not an exaggeration).  Even when he stumbled, he never let them go (as seen below…)


You want to know what to do in Cleveland with an active Toddler  especially on cold or wet days? (we were there in the fall). Check out these other posts and see how we spent our time:

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