Chandelier Tree, Drive Thru Tree | Leggett, CA


This drive through tree is one of many as far as I understand, but Chandelier Tree it one of the more famous ones. This was a fun stop worthy of a gazillion pics as well as a great excuse to stop, get out, and stretch (especially if you are driving with kids and they are getting antsy). Everyone should drive through the center of a tree at least once in their life. But as you can see, we are driving a Hyundai Accent which is a small economy car, and it felt plenty tight driving through (but then again, I do have a mild case of claustrophobia) so consider this when you choose which vehicle you want to take. I cant imagine it’s nearly as exciting to just take pics of other people driving their cars through… But maybe that’s just me? You know, I wonder if anyone has ever gotten stuck…?


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