Avenue of the Giants | Redwood National Park


If you have traveled our beautiful country but have not driven through the Avenue of the Giants, then you my friend have missed out on one of the most spectacular sights our country has to offer.  This world-famous 31 mile stretch of highway runs through Humboldt Redwood State Park in northern California.  The trees we are talking about have survived a millennium and reach 300 + feet tall, easily.  They are truly awe inspiring.  It felt futile to capture their majesty through a lens.  When I stood their staring up into the endless branches above me, my finger itched to snap the moment into my archive of things I never want to forget… but nothing I shot fully captured the experience.  So what I’m saying here, is you have to see it for yourself!

IMG_3146 IMG_3140 IMG_3137 IMG_3129IMG_3279 IMG_3233


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