Arches National Park

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We took a day trip down to Moab on a whim this weekend.  I guess we thought it would be a good warm up for the boys before taking on a 24 + hour road trip down to Houston for Thanksgiving.  They did wonderfully, of course.  I was prepared for at least some chaos but each hour passed without a hick-up.  My favorite part of the drive is at the end of Spanish Fork Canyon where you drop into Castle Country, or Emery  County.  There is a ridge that you pass through with a power plant on the other side that billows out steam only adding to the already majestic effect of the rock formations (above).

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We were prepared to do some hiking, but couldn’t decide where so we hit up Arches National Park.  If ever you find yourself in Utah, don’t miss this stop.  Arches National Park has some of the most incredible rock formations I’ve ever seen.  Even if you aren’t a hiker and simply want to drive through, its a completely worthwhile experience even from the road.  We decided that a simple hike would be best and chose the Windows Loop which is also one of the most popular.  It takes you up  where you can view and climb around three giant arches.

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I had to take the picture above.  There are so many tourists that come through Arches National Park, and I’m sure they don’t know what to fully expect when they get dressed in the morning and climb into that tour bus, but I thought that the black skirt and fancy tights out on the dirty trails was worth sneaking in a shot.


Jonah LOVED hiking.  And even though I’d been here before, I never enjoyed myself more than with my boys this time.  Even Ezra was convinced to eat all the rocks he could get his hands on…  Guess he wanted to take a piece of it home with him too.  It was a perfect day.  Everything went so smoothly.  Kids were happy, we chose the best hike for our littles, our driving times synced perfectly with naps and meals… I’m telling you as a mother who travels a lot, this is not the norm!


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