Alaska Part 1 : The Long Flight

Getting to Alaska was no small deal.  It took us three plane rides to get to our final destination at a total of 10 hours (not including layover time).  Jonah was a great little traveler – I even got stopped by various people telling me that they have never seen a baby do so well.  He rode on my lap most of the time or crawled around at my feet while in the air.  We left a trail of cracker crumbs everywhere and were sure to spill water and ice (not just once… oops) before finishing our trip, but we did make it.  For the most part, sitting in a window seat was the best choice – there I could corral Jonah and not lose him (aside from occasionally having to drag him by his ankles out from under the other seats); however, I wasn’t a fan of having to squeeze past people to take him to the restroom – for that reason the isle with its ease of access would have been preferred.  We did get lucky on one flight to have the whole row to ourselves  – the best way to fly.  I can’t imagine doing this again with another kid or while pregnant (though the likeliness is great…), but this trip was not too bad.

Alaska : Part 1

Oh, and did I happen to mention that this was Jonah’s first birthday?

Alaska : Part 1

While in the airports I would roll him around in his carseat (a massive thrown-like chair that was obnoxious to handle but very comfortable for him) by strapping his seat onto a hand cart… loved this.

Once we got to Anchorage we still had one more short flight ahead of us on one of those small airplanes before we would arrive in Valdez.  The view was amazing.  I was glad that Jonah loved looking out the window with me nearly the entire flight so I didn’t miss much.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Alaska : Part 1 Alaska : Part 1Alaska : Part 1

Mahonrri had come two weeks earlier, so landing in Valdez was really exciting for us.  In the two weeks that M had been gone, Jonah had started to walk so I couldn’t wait to set Jonah down and let him walk to his daddy.  M was of course waiting right there on the side of the runway with wild anticipation.  We were both nervous that maybe in that short time J may forget daddy (new parents always worry about things like that…), but other than an extra long moment of staring him down and examining him, he went right into his arms.  This made the long trip worth every minute.

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