a must see if you find yourself in Cleveland

I almost forgot about these photos, there’s been so much going on the last couple of months.  It wasn’t until I was watching How I Met Your Mother the other night and Ted mentioned the Garfield Memorial that I remembered there was a whole mess of Cleveland photos still unaccounted for.  Kind of exciting really!  Oh Cleveland, you were good to us.  Anyway, these are from our visit to the James A. Garfield Monument, apparently a must see according to Ted… It’s located near the entry of the Lakeview Cemetery .  It is what it sounds like, a memorial to and final resting place for President Garfield.   The buildings architecture is lovely.  It is a combination of Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine styles.  It’s three stories tall (well 4, kinda, if you include the tower that you can’t go up to) and on the upper level there is a large patio with a perfect view of the city all the way to the lake.  You can learn more here, and if you do go, there is a tour guide that will provide you with all the information you can handle – from Garfield’s life, to every artistic detail of the structure.  The view alone is worth the trip.  I definitely agree that it’s a must see in Cleveland.

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