Brothers 6 & 7 / 52

Yep, that’s right, two weeks in one… actually by the end of the week it will be three.  That’s horrible I know!  It’s been busy (when isn’t it?) around here.  But I have still been taking the pictures even if I am getting them up late.

brothers 52 projectbrothers 52 project6. These two photos are both for the same week (though taken the same morning).  I just enjoyed watching Jonah play with Ezra in the swing throughout that morning and wanted to show both of their faces.  I can’t get enough of the way they look at one another.  I had to watch closely while J played because Ez was not buckled in and was slowly inching downwards.  But they were having so much fun that I just sat back.  These moments are so sincere when its just the two of them.

_MG_73637.  Posing for mommy’s camera.  This was not a candid shot like the rest have been.  I actually made Jonah sit down and hold his little brother.  He didn’t mind one bit.



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