Brothers 5 / 52

brothers 5 /52

5. “Burritoed.”  This is what an afternoon in my living room looks like.  Ezra minding his own business and Jonah finding ways to “play” with him.  Here he has been folded into his play mat as you can see from his little arm poking out.  What you don’t see is that Ezra is all smiles underneath.

Ezra is a baby, obviously.  But in the eyes of Jonah, he is {more importantly} his little brother.  This means that Ezra is entitled to being picked on and only has a choice in deciding whether or not to be a good sport about it.  Isn’t that the basic order of life?  Jonah seems to think so anyway.  Luckily Ezra almost always chooses to enjoy the attention rather than be startled or annoyed by it… and even luckier, Jonah is fairly careful not to hurt him.

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