Brothers 18 / 52

This makes week 18 of this project and I am so glad I’ve decided to do it.  Watching my boys grow together and recording these moment has been priceless.  As you’ve noticed my 52 project does is not limited to a single photo – but more like 52 moments whether captured in 5 shots or one. I love watching these two.  They both love the company of one another (when Ez isn’t being rolled over by J).  Even when Ezra is up off the ground and out of Jonah’s terror zone Jonah seeks out ways to tease his brother anyway.  Luckily though, Ez is a really good sport and actually even finds his big brother to be funny and will giggle nonstop.  Precious. The older he gets the more fun they are having together.

_MG_1493 _MG_1501 _MG_1465_MG_1502

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