Brothers 16 / 52



16. We decided to play with reflections today.  This actually entertained both of them for some time; however, since Jonah was used to seeing himself in a mirror, the novelty of it wore off a lot quicker for him and so he spent the time kicking the balls and giving Ezra a run for his money… so, basically it was a typical morning with a slight variation.  Though Ezra has looked in mirrors before, this was the first time playing on one and it was so much fun to watch!  I forgot how fun having a baby is.  I’m actually really surprised period with how much I have forgotten of Jonah’s baby days even though I swore it would be impossible to do so.  Btw it’s so much simpler (not necessarily easier) the second time around.  I love my boys so stinkin much that at times I literally think I will explode.

Here are a few more of Ezra:

_MG_0970cos _MG_0957cos_MG_0948bwfilm



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