Brothers 15 / 52

brothers 15 / 52 brothers 15 / 52

15.  This was happening even with me sitting right next to Ezra.  Jonah thinks he is so funny driving Ez crazy.  Ez actually has a pretty high tolerance to Jonahs poking and prodding, it never ceases to impress me.  However, it didn’t take much time before I decided it was necessary to separate the two (foreshadowing?) and squeeze my mothering hips in what was left of a seat between the two car seats.  We made the switch when Jonah decided he needed to poop at the top of a mountain during one of our Sunday drives…

brothers 15 / 52

The photo above marks the place where Jonah officially pooped on the side of a road.  I held his hands while he squatted and made a clean one.  Yay… well, it was only kind of a yay moment because now that he has pooped someone had to wipe his butt and go another 30 mins without washing their hands… that person was, of course, me.

We took a drive up through Empire Pass.  We had been wanting to do so for a long time, but they close the pass when there’s snow.  This particular week we had my sister Stacy visiting and we wanted to get out, so we decided that this would be the day we finally did it.  Usually we attempt to take it starting from the Park City side, but this time we thought we would go  up Big Cottonwood Canyon instead.  This was the first time in a very long time that I have driven through that canyon during the summer and now I think that It might be one of my favorites.  It’s really lovely.  We even got a front row seat to a sexy photo shoot only a few feet off the main road – some chick was sprawled in almost nothing over a bolder while a guy ran around snapping photographs.  He did have the right idea though – there were a hundred places I saw that would be beautiful for photographs.

The turn up to Empire pass is on the left just before you get to Brighton Ski Resort – we missed it initially.  They say it’s one of the most beautiful drives in Utah – I’m not certain that was the case, but it was definitely a beautiful drive for sure.  There is a section of the drive where the road gets really narrow, and from my view in the middle seat of the car it felt as if we would fall right off the mountain side…



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