Brothers 13 / 52

_MG_8488cosHere is number 13 of my 52 project.  (This was taken a month ago – that is how behind I am at getting them up for you.  But we are back from Houston now and so I’m hoping to get you all caught up here very soon).  I loved the way Jonah was looking at Ezra, like “what on Earth is your problem” – he’s never been much of a fan of the crying, which is funny since he himself is no exception to the “wah wagon.”

Houston was a lot of fun (the pics are coming, ten paciencia!) Not only did we get to spend Abuelitas final days in the U.S. with her, we also played with cousins, swam, barbecued, and when the city firework show got rained out, we set off our own.  The men ran around like adolescent boys entertaining us almost as much as the fire works did.  I expected to spend the weekend sweating like a pig and having to slather on the sun block, but it turned out to be overcast and even stormy – so even though it was muggy it was the perfect weekend for our visit.

I miss blogging.  Life, please slow down so I can have more time for everything I love… and please make the weeds out back go away magically so I don’t have to be a slave to them.   And then if its possible, please give me super speed powers so when nap time comes that hour or two can be as productive as 10…

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