Brothers 12 /52

_MG_8077cos _MG_8081co12. Tents Tunnels and Teasing.  We camped out in the living room with tents and tunnels and stayed in our jammies most of the day.  Jonah can’t wait for Ez to be big enough to really play with him… he tries to be gentle and patient, but you can tell he wants them to wrestle race and explore together.  I can’t wait either!

14 should be going up today instead… but since I am again behind on my 52 you are getting two week old pics (not that you would have really known if I hadn’t mentioned it…).  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I am really glad that I’m doing this project.  I can’t wait to put them up in their room when it’s over.

Today I asked J to share the tablet with Ezra so he could play the piano game too, though at first he was reluctant, he handed it over and proceeded to show Ez all the things it could do.  I didn’t make him share for too long, but it was definitely a growing moment for J.  I was very proud of him.  Sharing is never easy for a two year old, but he is getting better.  However, you best hide your toy cars.  Whether they be yours (your kids) or his own, they will not be relinquished without a fight.  In his eyes every toy car is his car…  oh what to do, to do…

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