Brothers 11 / 52

brother 11/52 brother 11/5211.  Summer Sun.  Here Jonah is racing his cars back and forth on the walkway while Ezra relaxes on the blanket taking everything in.  He’s seriously the happiest baby.  How’d I get so lucky?

This week we have been working on cars in the driveway, picking weeds, mowing and watering lawns, playing in the water, riding bikes, and grilling – like a lot.  Not to get ahead of myself here, but it looks like J is calming down a little more the closer he gets to three (knock on wood).  It’s funny – I’ve totally become one of those women whose world revolves around her family.  All I can think of talking about is the growth of my kids and how much they do or don’t enjoy something…  They really are my world.

M played handyman this week and gave the lawn mower a tune-up which lead to him fixing the drain in the bathroom sink that I busted the other day, which also lead to him cleaning out under the sink for me again.  Then all that just snowballed into doing project after project.  All this plus Jonah being 100% in underpants now has made me a very happy lady this week.


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